sell property quick for cash and rent back

sell and rent back

Do you need to sell your house quickly but are worried about the hassles of a house move? Do you want to sell your house and remain in the property to avoid the upheaval of relocation? Do you circumstances require you to stay in the same property, even if you need to sell?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you need contact us for a chat. We are specialist property buyers offering people the chance to sell their property quickly to us with the opportunity to remain in the same house even after the sale. That’s right, you remain in your house even after the sale. There are no nightmares of a big house move and you can continue enjoying your life in the same house.

We offer a service whereby you can sell your property to us and exercise the option of renting it back from us to save your self the ordeals of a house move. There are many people who prefer to stay in the house that they sell to save themselves the massive inconvenience associated with moving to another house, and to another area.

If you are nicely settled in your current home and want to sell it for equity release (see here for more: without having to move elsewhere then contact us and we will be glad to discuss the rent back option with you, We will agree suitable terms between us to help make the house sale easier.

Call us for an informal chat to discuss your situation in more detail.